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Genre:Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Alan Moore
Author: Alan Moore
Artist: Dave Gibbons
Colorist: John Higgins
Publisher: DC Comics
Original publication date:
September 1986 – October 1987
Number of issues: 12
TPB Price: Php1000,00

OK. Most of you are aware of the upcoming movie (might be delayed by legalities) but before watching that, and if you've got the time and resources, I recommend that you read this first before the movie ruin it for you. Touted as a unfilmable comic book by it's author and co-creator, Alan Moore re-imagines our view of the costumed adventurers in a world where superheroes or masked vigilantes exists and lives under the shadow of 1980's nuclear clock, when the Cold War was in it's hottest.

This tale of imperfect and complex characters opens up with an investigation of a dead hero's murder, beautifully drawn by Dave Gibbons and are replete with details and recurrent themes throughout it's entire 12-issue run. If I tell you more I'm going to spoil it. There is a reason why this is the only graphic novel to win a Hugo Award and appear on TIME magazine's list of 100 best English language novels not to mention being taught at schools.

This is 1000 Pesoses well spent.

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