Monday, October 22, 2012

Death Magnetic

Genre:Hard Rock & Metal
In an age of piracy, downloads and free online music, musicians would be hard-pressed to experiment or at least radically change their sound or technique lest their followers become alienated. But some fans also want something new from their favorite bands or else they get tired of what their hearing (listen to AC/DC) and just console themselves by listening to their old collections when metal is METAL and rock is ROCK. This album thankfully brings back the Metal in Metallica. Frankly, if you like this kind of music you wouldn't be disappointed. This is the perfect marriage of good old Metallica and it's newer perspective of the world. Classic Hetfield lyrics, hooks and chugging riffs are the main elements of this album. Also skinbashers would like to study Lars' drumming here. Thankfully they didn't use that annoying tin-can sound.

This 10-song disc contains music that harkens back from the days of Master of Puppets and Ride The Lightning (The End Of The Line sounds like an off shoot of Creeping Death) albeit more watered-down and less cerebral. Surprisingly with the current political environment in the U.S. I'm disappointed that they did not made another ... And Justice For All album instead. The album sleeve continues the death motif with the coffin-like hole punching through most of the pages. I miss Pushed's artwork here. My gripe in this album is the layout of the lyrics is chronologically wrong if you base it on the back cover. Hence, the first song That Was Just Your Life's lyrics is found on the second page while My Apocalypse, the last song is found on the first page. Wow! That's fucking artistic. They could have made my life more simple.

Almost all of the songs are pretty much worthy of replay value but (because I only got an 1MB MP3 player) my top picks are:

ALL NIGHTMARE LONG - Most useful for people who drives fast.
CYANIDE - Because Kirk Hammett is a Wah-wah baby. Listen to the guitars at the chorus.
BROKEN, BEAT & SCARRED - I love the dueling guitar intro. Probably the best cut of the album together with Cyanide. Rise, Fall, Down, Rise Again!
JUDAS KISS - Corny opening but plays out hard. Like hard candy.
SUICIDE & REDEMPTION - Almost 10 minutes of instrumental greatness.

There's also an Unforgiven III song here but I never cared for the second version and you probably wouldn't miss this either. Unless you think the first Unforgiven is Metallica at it's best then nuts to you.

Death Magnetic is not their greatest album but at least they are again on the right track. Putangina!

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