Monday, October 22, 2012


Genre:Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Reginald Ting
Atlas Publishing Co., Inc.
January 2003

This comic book deals about the life of a superhero. It's glory and adventure but also it's hassles and complexities. It's not everyday that a hero needs a regular job and a family to take care of. The guys of Avalon Studios (before they were Avalon?) lent their skill in this book with Jim Jimenez (of J Brothers fame) on art and Gilbert Monsanto designing the main character and also taking care of the colors.

The story opens up predictably with the hero, Mr. Atlas (real name: Eddie Valdez, a blue collar worker) foiling a bank robbery then coming home to his wife who then inadvertently finds out his secret identity. This 40+ page komiks introduces us to Promiteyo (real name: Gregorio Emmanuel Perez IV), a mechanical genius made legless in an accident by our hero who eventually used his robotics and weapons development skills in helping Eddie in his fight for peace. ATX also contains mystical elements indigenous to Filipino folklore such as Malindig a spell caster and her undead son, Damon. Filler stories makes these characters immediately familiar to readers and having a world class art team doesn't hurt either. Yup, this comic book and I spent countless times in the toilet. That's how much I enjoy this book.

The back pages gives previews of other upcoming comic books like RAM by Gilbert Monsanto, BELLADONNA with art by Rodel Noora and ALAGAD Inc. drawn by Kriss Israel S. Sison. Needless to say a soft porn mag will have an easier time being published than the above comic books with a publisher like theirs since I don't remember them being released.

Great art. Interesting characters. A promising book. Which probably you'll never get to read.

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