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L na L

Genre:Literature & Fiction
Author:Karl Kaufman
L na L Isang nobela ng lihim na libog
Author: Karl Kaufman
Publisher: LitEROTIKA-PhilSprint Publishers

Pag ibig o libog. Love or lust. A question for the most part and in times hard to distinguish. Mostly if you are one of those red-blooded, ever ready for sex, testosterone-driven male. It is one of those stories that will play with your emotion and after putting this book down you'll love the story rather that the characters. That's not saying that the characters are dull which they are not, on the contrary, these characters are rather realistic and for the most part believable. While turning the pages you'll think, "Hey, I know somebody like this." On some levels they are believable. They can be no different from the people you walk along with on the street, the guy sitting at that Starbucks sipping his frappe latte or that busty babe at the office that you always try to catch a glimpse of. Or maybe this could be you.

I remember a former office mate's high school story of a male classmate, when asked on how would he know that a girl was really in love with him, her classmate answered without hesitation,"Kapag nakipag-sex na siya sa akin." That's male hormone for you, girls. At least the guy doesn't beat around the bush. He, he. This is a story about Luis, your typical successful Makati-type playboy which in regard to his pursuit of women any man can relate to and Chloe, his sophisticated and sexy new officemate. Think of the sexiest officemate you have.... that's Chloe. Which is more that what she seems. Ever had a darkest secret? What would you do if you found out that the girl that you are after is more that what she seems or what she appears to be? If I write more about the story I'm giving it all away. Love or lust? It is the ultimate question where sometimes there is no black and white answer and sometimes the answer you get or you think of (dreamed of?) is insufficient.

For those who enjoys reading I highly recommend this book specially if you buy only one locally produced book out there give this one a try. Of course there is that cancer of guilt on buying this book as seen fit by our oh, so high and mighty morality police. You know, that part of your brain that tells you what to do and tells you what is right and wrong, seeing it as another cheap alternative to porno. Which by the way it isn't. I should know. Believe me. What I like about fiction is when it reads like real life.

About the author:
I've known Karl for about half my adult life and I know the frustration he, better yet he and our friends went through to have that sexual experience. Not that we never had any before college (not just because we are losers back then doesn't mean we never had any encounter. Are we losers still?) it is just that we never had as much as we wanted to. You should see the blisters on our hands back then. The empty nights that pass. The longing you get when thinking about your latest crush or that sexy kolehiyala that you sat beside with on the jeep. Yeah, we know depression. I'm not saying that we thought of fucking too much but for you to know where we, specifically Karl is coming from and how this book came about and that is not taking anything away from Karl's vivid imagination. If you are like us and knew what we've been through you'll understand and I sympathise and if you are anything like Luis, the conyo, pogi, gets-all-the-sex-he-needs lead character in this novel, then fuck you!! But buy the book.

So throw your inhibitions out of the window and keep your dicks in your pants and get ready for an emotional roller coaster you'll surely enjoy. Although Karl might greatly appreciate a wank of approval from you guys. So buy the book and let's make Karl rich.

About the picture: I can't find any. Tangna, pati mismo sa site ng Philsprint. If anyone of you concerned citizens have an image of the book cover please paki-publish naman sa net.

Pic Update: That's Karl with his book at National bookstore.

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