Monday, October 22, 2012

Bless Our Trip

Genre:Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Edwin Ybabao Estioko
Chapter I Daan
Gawa ng Layason Studios
Marikina, Philippines

There couldn't be anymore Pinoy word than Bless Our Trip. More often than not you can find it anywhere on the road and in any PUV you ride on. It's sounds like a prayer but also used as a curse depending on the need. And just like any PUV ride you might have some misgivings on this book or you might even say that this is one ride you may want to be in again.

This graphicomiks (what a term) will satiate your appetite for a good story and by that I mean OK lang. Plot holes and typographical errors abound in these pages not to mention the amateurish artwork that encompass this A4 bound black & white book. This holds a lot of promise if the author just polished up more on his writing. The presentation is there but in terms of story development you might want to read it a few more times to get a full understanding of the characters. Not that the characters themselves are that complex but they almost look like the same person added to this is the placing of captions and word balloons on the lay-out.

It's strength is also it's weakness. We are introduced to a lot of interesting characters whose story overlaps each others story. It's complicated but I bet it could have been more beautiful. Some parts of it is engaging and some of it makes you ask the author, "Ma, sukli ko?".

The story opens up with a shot of a busy barrio street complete with public vehicles and local population. I like this opening shot where you are introduced to the characters who for the most part are nameless with the exception of about two. Nameless people but through the magic of balik-tanaw we are offered their back story. A student who is longing for a fellow passenger; The father and his lost son; People looking for forgiveness and a new life. You might want to give this book a chance.

Did I like it? Yup. Did I enjoy it? Nope. Basta, It could have been better. A gracious 3-stars because the author has the guts to publish this.... this.... his work. It's A4 size makes it hard to read in the can by the way. So would I go for a ride for the next issue? Bet your ass I will. As long as the next destination is better.

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