Monday, October 22, 2012


Genre:Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Budjette Tan
Author: Budjette Tan
Artist: Ka-Jo Baldisimo
1st issue: November 2005
Publisher: Alamat Comics

I guess it’s time that I support our local comic book creators… with a review.

There sure is a lot of local crap out there and by this I mean locally produced comics, specifically independently produced comics. What’s with all this manga/anime fluff flying about, I am in desperate need of rough and dark comic book that I can relax and enjoy to and take with me to the toilet. Yup, I’m proud to say that I enjoy reading while taking a shit.

And I enjoyed reading Trese.

First off I’m not really familiar with the creative team but their imprint is familiar enough for me to buy the whole collection. Trese is Alexandra Trese, a paranormal investigator. The go-to-girl whenever a whatthefuck happening are uh….happening in the Metro and is too much to handle by the Police. Escorted by her twin bodyguards/henchmen they are often knee-deep in crimes involving white ladies, kapres, agimats, dwendes, kaluluwas etc., etc. You get the idea. Don’t get me wrong, it might sound corny but read any of the seven issues and you’ll be in for a dramatic and different imagining of our local malignos and tiyanaks and aswangs. The artwork falls short to my discriminating and maarte (read: impossible to define) standards but it works in this black and white book. It might fly off at some point and rough (akala ko ba gusto ko ng rough?) on some pages but Ka-Jo’s composition, mood and lighting draws the story along. I think sinadya niya? I also blame the printing.

If you are a fan of Chris Carter, Warren Ellis, Underworld, Mang Kepweng or if you enjoy seeing leather-loving trenchcoat-wearing chicks shooting off characters straight out of Lola Basyang’s stories then this mini-comic (mini-series?) is for you.

You are better off buying the whole 7 issues. Believe me. That’s 200Php well spent.... more so if you are a maligno. Awoo!

Now if only Gerry Alanguilan can finish his Elmer series. I’ll be much happier.

*Might still be available at comicbook shops anymall. I got mine at Comics Odessey, Robinson's Galleria, 2nd floor. Katabi ng bilihan ng baril!

UPDATE: Trese collected editions 1 & 2 is now available at specialty shops and bookstores. Php 140 each. Released thru Visprint. Check out Comic Odyssey at Robinson's Galleria. If you ask nicely you might get a free promotional poster.

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