Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nag-iisa Lang Ako (Ang Ikatlo Sa Huling Libro)

Genre:Biographies & Memoirs
Author:Tado Jimenez
I remember looking all over every NBS on my locale and not finding any copy eventually acquiring one at a book convention at SMX and I can tell you after reading and succumbing to the Tadoliciousness of it's pages that this shit could have been a lot better production wise. Any print media practitioner knows the care and attention when publishing works specially books. I don't know how much the editorial staff at PSICOM is being paid but from the looks of this books, I guess not much. Expect half-assed editing, errant grammar and spelling (unless sinasadya ng author), horrible-horrible proofreading and not too great layout awaits.

'Yung unang mga pahina ng kopya ko ginamitan ko pa talaga ng red ballpen at kinorek ang mga nakikita kong mali. Tinigilan ko na lang nang napansin ko na
binili ko ang aklat na ito para enjoyin at hindi para i-edit. TRABAHO NG EDITOR ANG I-EDIT NG MAAYOS ANG AKLAT NA ITO.

*Drinking Game*

A copy of Nag-iisa Lang Ako, Beer (Alak optional).

Preferably do this on a weekend. Read the book and take a drink of your alcoholic beverage every time you see a mistake.

Ayan. Wala pa sa kalahati ng aklat lasing ka na.

The content is not the problem here. Yeah, there might be some chapters that the fancy coffee house crowd might pass over and wouldn't really care to understand or medyo masasabi rin na kababawan ni Tado ang mga isinulat niya. But the thing is, while you are reading his comedy which some would find juvenile, you'll find the source of his humor and his mentality by reading further and eventually knowing his life story. He's a remarkable guy. I envy his lifestyle, his craziness, his seeming simple mindedness and his outlook in life.

The highlights of this book is the Foreword by Ramon Bautista, Strangebrew days, his show business roots, Limitado, PUP days, Brewrats radio show and some selected excerpts from his Marikeno Asintado articles.

He is that weird friend of yours, the funny friend that's been on the wrong side of the tracks and back, the one that has all the tall tales, that friend of yours that is so anti-everything that he became the mainstream, he is that funny guy that dances funny on TV but is opinionated.

So there. If you don't mind some irritating editorial non-works on your book then buy this. It's not the best read you'll get but just reading Tado's thoughts would likely make up for this fuck up.

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