Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Amoy ng Kufpal

Genre:Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Patrick Enrique
Vomit inducing, profanity-laden and good disgusting fun that you might fight the urge to wipe your ass off of just to add color to this B&W indie komiks.

Imagine vomiting all over after an all night drinking binge and at the same time suffering from explosive LBM (the airy, sticky kind) because you keep eating your own vomit, this while popping your zits through it all. Yup. That's Amoy Ng Kufpal in a nut shell. Well, put in some punk, rap and video game culture in there and you're getting there. But be warned: This is not for the weak of heart.... or poor constitution.

The artwork reminds mo of early MAD magazine in terms of line work and details. Maybe some R. Crumb influence is in there somewhere and I'm guessing hallucinogenics for the repeating patterns but still the drawings still retains originality. Sobrang original na-tae ako.

This is one indie release that is such an appropriate companion to the toilet. Just so you know, I just tasted my own bile reviewing this shit fest.

(Originally posted on Oct 30, '11 7:00 PM)