Saturday, June 1, 2013


Genre:Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Dodo Dayao and Bong Leal
It was just what I was looking for. For the longest of time I have been dreaming of reading a komiks that has the feel of a local action movie but done much, much intelligently and that komiks better have good reread value.

Enter: Askals. An independent komiks that captures the depression, anger, and danger of a suffocating city populated by drug dealers, corrupt policemen, petty thieves and the every day tao who have to live with them. I really enjoyed the dialogues of the characters specially the villains. It makes them appear human and at the same time dangerous and realistic.

Visuallly Askals is pretty impressive. There is passion here. The artist capturing the dreariness of urban living, tenement buildings and high tension wires obstructing the sky but when shown, all you'll see is darkness. Not a perfect book on some parts like the sound effects but effective use of monotones and subdued shades add to the bleakness of this tale about crime syndicates and organized religion and let's not forget that mystical being. I like this artist's style. When I finally write that graphic novel in my mind I'll look up Bong Leal and ask for his service. Hah!

I acquired mine at last November's Komikon at Starmall. Are there any other issues published? I wish. Can you believe this was released 2005 and it still packs a punch? People who make me happy deserves to be rich in my opinion.


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