Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Punnx Komix

Genre:Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:JP Cuison, Dennis Nierra
Remember that annoying kid at elementary school, that high school friend you have second thoughts about bringing to your house? Or simply put remember the few times (okay most of the time ) that you just have to be naughty and full of mischievous fun? Yep. That memory. Then with all your passable artistic skills (actually these guys are very good) release all your pent-up kakulitan and horniness in an ass-kicking comic book. The end result would probably be Punnx Komix. Or a paper mache of a penis.

Punnx Komix obviously is a homage by it's two creators to Funny Komiks, that four-color rag that for most of my generation probably grew up with and in my case inspired me to draw (back then I trace over Superdog like a pro).

Crack open an issue and you will find bastardized versions of Planet Opdi Eyps, Combatron, Tinay Pinay and even Shaider. Toilet humor and penises are the order of the day here so this is one funny book NOT FOR CHILDREN. Though it might come across as mindless, juvenile and a good waste of resource, deep down it is a labor of love by people who, in their own twisted and probably drug-induced haze, gave tribute to those artists and writers for entertaining us in those lazy afternoons of our childhood and inspiring us to pick up that pencil and color that doodle.

Rare among indies, Punnx comes in full-color and in better quality paper though still in ashcan size but not without sponsors which is always a good thing. Isn't that right, Papi? My copy (Issue #2) I bought at Sputnik at Cubao X. Punnx retails at 100Php.

Picture is of the creators apparently with their penises still in their pants.

Komikon at April 16, 2011 (THIS SATURDAY!!)

Links for more knowledge: http://punnxkomix.blogspot.com/, http://planetopdieyps.thecomicseries.com/,

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