Saturday, December 1, 2012

Geek Tragedies

Genre:Literature & Fiction
Author:Carljoe Javier
Geek Tragedies is just that. Stories involving what society would categorize as nerds, weirdos and geeks. Why should I buy a book that appeals to the inner geek in me? Do I feel the need to read literature that I think speaks for me and my fantasies? Do I feel kinship to these PSP and LAN game nerds? Am I among these FHM girls fanatics? These comic book reading jerk offs?

In some level I guess I am. But from reading this book, I think the geek part is in the loneliness. Of wanting and dreaming. Fantasies realized and universes to be conquered if only in the mind. In there we find the common ground: My world is your world too, my friend.

This well written book would take you places familiar like riding that damned MRT1 (Everybody Get's Off at Cubao) to distant and far away reaches of space (The Day the Sexbomb Dancers Came), emotion and loss (Flickerfadegone), the mundane life of a geek (Master of the Fragfest) and sometimes just the plain weird (Street Corner, The Sniffles). I think with the Sexbomb story, this is the fist time that I read an outright Science Fiction story by a Filipino. Groovy!

My only gripe with this fine book is the comic book style chapter bumpers. Although nice to look at, they don't add anything to the following story. They are not even related to each other. They should have made an outright homage to the comic book medium instead, like the text and graphic chapter: Six-Word Stories which I enjoyed.

Well, just pointing out the supposed flaws I felt needed to be addressed. For 250php you will be getting your moneys worth and with a sturdy and well made book, reread is a guarantee. Not bad, eh?

He have an earlier book easily available at NBS but due to it's striking and fantastically familiar cover, I opted to buy this first instead. My bet is that, like that Archie-inspired Beerkada book, this would be hard to find soon.

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